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Key Hires

Otto Hanson, JD Sep 29, 2020 5:18:25 AM

Meet our new TermScout team members – they’re already shaking things up

You may have read our recent funding announcement, one of the most important investments TermScout is making is building out our amazing team. We would like to introduce you to our talented new hires and share a little bit about their backgrounds and why they chose to join the TermScout team.


Bill Mooz JD  

Chief Product Officer

Why did you join TermScout?

“Every dollar of commerce flows through contracts in an extremely inefficient manner that results in trillions of dollars of losses every year.  TermScout can help solve this problem.”

Brief background: 

Bill has been practicing law since 1985, with an emphasis on handling transactions in an efficient manner that generates strong business value.  He started his career at Holland & Hart, LLP where he co-founded and managed an office and led a practice group. He then spent 15+ years heading up large legal teams at Sun Microsystems and VMware, and is a co-founder of the Institute for the Future Practice of Law (IFLP).  Bill was the valedictorian of his law school class, an editor of the law review, and served as a judicial clerk for Judge Stephen F. Williams on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

What’s the biggest problem TermScout solves?

“Transparency is the starting point for reducing friction in commercial transactions.  TermScout provides companies and individuals with reliable insight into both individual contracts and what constitutes market for specific terms.”


Evan Harris   

Chief Technology Officer

Why did you join TermScout?

“TermScout is a great team that is solving a unique problem. It’s exciting to build an engineering and technology organization from the ground up at a true data driven company.”

Brief background: 

Evan came up through the ranks of machine learning and analytics as the field has grown over the last decade. Before joining TermScout, he spent time at two mid-size Colorado tech companies working at the juncture of applied machine learning and cloud engineering. This included leading the machine learning team at Ibotta and applying data science at Return Path.

What does it mean to have a Scout Mindset?

“At TermScout we are always looking for insights from data, finding new ways to solve old problems, and continuously learning how to provide value to our customers. This is the Scout Mindset that we embody as we consistently challenge our assumptions and scout ahead with an open mind.”


Dawn Kubat JD    

Vice President, Product and Operations

Why did you join TermScout?

“TermScout provides contractual data insights and transparency that enable organizations to make informed decisions quickly. It’s great to be part of the solution that will create efficiencies around contracting and business relationships.”  

Brief background: 

Dawn brings over 13 years of legal experience, which has been focused on handling contracts at various levels. Prior to joining the team, Dawn spent eight years at a SaaS company focused on citizen engagement technologies for government organizations, most recently as the Vice President of Legal. 

Why is contract data so valuable?

“Having contract data and clear insights upfront allows organizations to identify risk and quickly determine where to focus negotiation efforts. I understand that resources to address these issues can be limited and I’m excited about solving this business problem for many companies.” 


Justin Buchanan    

Senior Product Manager

Why did you join TermScout?

“As product managers, we’re aware that the legal review process can be long and difficult, but also that it’s a critical step in the business process. TermScout has a vision of the unique value that they can bring to that process and it immediately made sense.”

Brief background: 

Justin has been in digital product management since 2012. Prior to joining TermScout, he spent five years in new product development at a large search & applications company in New York. After seven years in NYC, he moved west and completed his MBA at the University of Colorado – Boulder in 2020. While studying at CU, Justin worked with a Denver based B2B startup in product management before he joined the team at TermScout.

What excites you about coming to work here – what are you hoping to do, specific to your role?

“I’m excited about the opportunity to grow alongside the company, but the thing I’m most excited about is the chance to work with such an amazing group of people. The team has so much experience unique to solving this particular problem. At the end of the day, we’re driven to solve the pain points of our customers. The easier we can make their lives, the more excited I’ll get.”

I’m sure you’ll agree, we’ve got a stacked deck of talented team members that are working hard at solving the big problem of contract transparency in business transactions and we look forward to sharing the progress we’re making on our contract management platform with you in the near future.

Would you like to learn more about the TermScout platform? Our team would be happy to jump on a quick call