Leveraging AI for Reliable Contract Certification: TermScout's Certified Contracts

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Apr 11, 2024 2:30:44 PM

In today's legal landscape, ensuring contract integrity is critical. TermScout’s Certified Contracts offer a practical solution for legal professionals, small law firms, and corporate legal departments. This program utilizes advanced AI technologies with human quality control to accurately and systematically evaluate contracts, providing reliable certification reports on how customer favorable a contract and its terms are for a customer. Here's a closer look at how it works, its benefits, and its adoption in various industries.

1. How TermScout's Certified Contracts Work

TermScout employs a combination of human expertise and AI algorithms to analyze contracts at scale. If a company wants their contract to be Certified, they submit the contract for review and it is securely evaluated to determine Certification eligibility. AI-driven natural language processing and machine learning algorithms scan through the contracts, flagging potential issues and ensuring no Deal Breaker clauses are present. Deal Breakers are defined clauses that TermScout deems to be toxic provisions that most customers would not accept. See here for a complete list of the Deal Breakers. Humans then review and quality control every data point to ensure the review is accurate. If the contract contains no Deal Breakers and is either rated as “Balanced” or “Customer Favorable” by TermScout, the contract is eligible for Certification! All Certified contracts receive a Certified Contract Report hosted by TermScout which highlights the favorability of the contract. Customers place a TermScout Certified Badge on their contract hyperlinking back to the Certified Contract Report showcasing their rating, which increases trust from potential customers and reduces the time-to-contract.

2. The Benefits

  • Trust and Confidence: TermScout’s certification badges instill trust in contracts by highlighting customer favorability and can even compare your contract’s terms to competitors'.

  • Transparency: Standardized certification frameworks foster clearer communication between parties, minimizing misunderstandings and disputes.

  • Risk Mitigation: Proactive identification of risks enables legal teams to take preemptive measures, reducing the likelihood of legal disputes.

3. Industry Adoption

TermScouts Certified Contracts have gained traction across various industries, thanks to their practical benefits and AI-driven approach. From financial institutions to tech companies and healthcare providers, organizations are integrating TermScout into their contract management practices. By leveraging Certify, legal departments enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration, setting new standards for contract management in the digital era.

TermScout’s Certified Contracts offer a pragmatic and scalable solution for modern contract management challenges. By harnessing AI technologies, legal professionals can navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence, clarity, and efficiency.