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We know contracts inside and out. Our contract experts provide deep expertise and insights into industry trends and updates. Follow our feed to hear from thought leaders in the contract review industry, learn best practices for optimizing your contract review process, and stay up to date on what is happening at TermScout.

What’s Market? Vendor’s Warranty | Compliance with Documentation and/or Specifications

The What’s Market Series is an ongoing deep dive into contract terms, with supporting data demonstrating how often such terms are seen in vendor forms, customer forms and..

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What’s Market? Vendor’s Indemnification Obligations

The What’s Market series by TermScout provides a deeper understanding of contract terms and provides data regarding how these terms are approached throughout vendor, customer and..

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TermScout Data Explained – IT Contracts

TermScout reviews and determines a party favorability rating that is based on more than 750 bits of structured data points. These data points also serve as the backbone of the..

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What’s Market? A look into Data Breach Notifications

The What’s Market Series What’s Market is a new series that seeks to delve into the multitude of provisions that exist within a contract and identify their importance, as well as..

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TermScout Launches Contract-Rating Platform with Free Comparisons of Over 150 Software Companies

TermScout, The Contract Rating Company, today launched its data-rich platform analyzing, rating, and comparing the customer agreements used by the top B2B software companies. See..

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Red Hat Customer Agreement: the Good and the Bad

Have you ever found yourself wanting to purchase a good or service that your business needs, but having a moment of panic when you are asked to accept the vendor’s contract terms..

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TermScout’s Beta Platform Launch Showcases how Contracts can be a Competitive Advantage

How many contracts does your company sign in a year? Businesses in the US sign millions of contracts every week, often without knowing what the risks are or how they compare to..

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Key Hires

Meet our new TermScout team members – they’re already shaking things up You may have read our recent funding announcement, one of the most important investments TermScout is..

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[Video] The Scout Report – Episode 3: How Contracts Impact The Software Sales Process

If you’ve ever been in sales or have purchased business critical software, you know that the contract review process is a friction point and has a significant impact on the..

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